The Budget, Finance & Investment Committee (BFI) oversees the development of strategic, long-range institutional financial plans and objectives and is involved with the assessment of the University's current and long-range financial status. BFI also oversees the formation and approval of annual budgets and the creation, implementation, and periodic review and revision of financial, treasury, investment and debt management policies. Additionally, BFI reviews and makes recommendations to the Board regarding student tuition and fees.

Trustees and Representatives


Don McCree (chair)
John Dineen (vice chair)
Suresh Garimella (ex-officio)
Susan Brengle
Robert Brennan
Frank Cioffi
Kevin Christie
Kenny Nguyen
Ed Pagano
Shap Smith
Tristan Toleno
Catherine Toll


Jane Knodell (faculty)
Guillermo Rodriguez (faculty)
Bob Plante (foundation)
Myron Sopher (alumni)
Kunie Renaud (staff)
Vacant (staff)
Ashleigh Clark (student)
Evan Siegel (student)
Dan Peipert (graduate student)
Goodness Rex Nze-Igwe (graduate student)

Agendas and Approved Minutes

Action items endorsed by the committee and referred for board action are posted on the resolutions page upon approval.


DateAgenda & MaterialsMinutes
October 25, 2024  
May 17, 2024  
February 9, 2024  


DateAgenda & MaterialsMinutes
October 20, 2023  
May 19, 2023Materials (PDF) 
February 10, 2023Materials (PDF)Minutes (PDF)


DateAgenda & MaterialsMinutes
October 28, 2022Materials (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
May 20, 2022Materials (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
February 4, 2022Materials (PDF)Minutes (PDF)


DateAgenda & MaterialsMinutes
October 29, 2021Materials (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
June 4, 2021Materials (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
February 5, 2021Materials (PDF)Minutes (PDF)


DateAgenda & MaterialsMinutes
September 25, 2020Materials (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
May 15, 2020Materials (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
January 31, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)



October 25, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
May 17, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
February 1, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)



October 26, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
May 18, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
April 9, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
February 2, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)