The Rubenstein School Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a group of Rubenstein School undergraduate students that meets with the Dean of the School to provide ongoing connection with the faculty and administration. They provide insight on curriculum, teaching, academic advising, and social activities and support the student community via peer advising, community building events, and sustainable initiatives. Interested students should contact SAB members or email The SAB has office hours in Aiken Room 111 on the first floor. 


Meet SAB Members

Emma Conti (she/her) - Forestry '24

Emma Conti


Hey everybody! I’m a Junior Forestry major here from Dighton, Massachusetts. In my free time, I enjoy camping, hiking, listening to live music, and identifying trees! I am very excited to be involved with the Rubenstein Student Advisory Board and hope that I can try and help make students’ time in the Rubenstein School an enjoyable, welcoming, and positive experience.


Isabel Homsi (she/her) - Environmental Sciences '25

Isabel Homsi


Hi! I’m an Environmental Sciences major with a minor in Geospatial Technologies from Portland, Oregon. I am a watershed educator for the Sea Grant, lead TREK trips for incoming first-year students, and am on UVM’s Varsity Cross Country & Track and Field teams. When I’m not running, you can find me skiing, hiking, hammocking, exploring swimming holes, or partaking in some other outdoor activity. I’m passionate about inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders and explorers through outdoor education! I joined the leadership team to serve as a leader and changemaker on campus while connecting with members of the Rubenstein community. Please feel free to chat or reach out with any questions about school, life, or Burlington!


Vegas Rockafeller (he/him) - Wildlife & Fisheries Biology '25

Vegas Rockafeller


Hi everyone! My name is Vegas Rockafeller, I use he/him pronouns, and I am from Metuchen, New Jersey. I am a Wildlife Bio major with minors in Forestry and Geospatial Technologies. Post-undergrad, I plan to go to grad school and ultimately become a professor researching community ecology. In my free time, I love spending time outdoors hiking, skiing, camping, and birding. On campus, you can find me in Aiken, hanging out outside, and playing ultimate frisbee. You can also find me exploring Burlington’s various natural areas, such as Rock Point (my favorite)! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about anything Rubenstein-related or if you need help identifying a bird! I am looking forward to meeting you!


Annabel Resor (she/her) - Environmental Studies, Business Administration '25

Annabel Resor


Hi everyone! My name is Annabel, and I am from Bethesda, Maryland. I am pursuing a dual degree in Environmental Studies within the Rubenstein School and a Business Administration degree from the Grossman School of Business. On campus, I am the president of the UVM Squash Club and a member of both the Diversity in Business Club and Women in Business Club. I love backpacking, leaf peeping, river swimming, and skiing. I am extremely excited to be joining the Student Advisory Board, and I am more than happy to answer any and all questions related to UVM!


Jess Fish (she/they) - Environmental Sciences '24

Jess Fish

Hi folks! My name is Jess Fish, I use she/they pronouns, and I am from a small town in Western Massachusetts. I am a senior here in the Rubenstein School, and I am majoring in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Plant Biology.  On campus you can find me laying outside in the grass with a book between classes or collecting and pressing wildflowers. I also love to get out and explore the different parks and natural areas Burlington has to offer. I am thrilled to be a part of the Rubenstein community and the student advisory board, and I am happy to chat or answer any questions you may have!


Julia Lindau - Natural Resources '24

Howdy, I’m Julia! I’m a Natural Resources major from central Pennsylvania. I hope to one day work in an outdoor classroom with kids of all ages! While outside, I enjoy hiking, running, and mountain biking. My other love is music - I play the French horn and mellophone, and love any kind of live music show. The Rubenstein community has always been so supportive to me, and I hope to make all students feel welcome here as well! Feel free to reach out with any questions.


Gabriel Falcione (he/him) - Environmental Sciences, Wildlife & Fisheries Biology '25

Gabriel Falcione

Hi my name is Gabe, and I am studying Environmental Sciences and Wildlife & Fisheries Biology. I am from Pleasanton, California (48 hours outside of Boston). I love to hike and backpack, which I also do through the Outing Club and as a TREK leader. I am also passionate about music and have a show on WRUV! I am excited to become a part of the Student Advisory Board and help bridge the gap between the student body and staff here in Rubenstein.


Val Kostelnik - Natural Resources '25

Val Kostelnik

Hello! I’m a Natural Resources major concentrating in Resource Ecology because I love studying a wide range and trying to take all the courses Rubenstein has to offer (we have some pretty cool classes!) I'm from Northern California and plan on returning there to study how ecosystems respond to drought and fire. In my free time, I love exploring New England with friends who know more than me (it’s the best way to travel), reading, and getting involved with different clubs on campus. I look forward to showing new students all the ways to engage with our wonderful college.


Audrey Sawyer - Environmental Sciences '25

Audrey Sawyer

Hi! My name is Audrey, I am studying Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Ecological Design, and I am from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Living on the water my whole life, I learned to love nature and all it has to offer. I hope to graduate college and work on water quality issues, something that is coming to the forefront of most coastal communities, just like my hometown. While in Burlington, I enjoy hiking, going to the comedy club and farmers market, and hanging out with my friends. I love being part of the student leadership team; having a voice to represent my peers is a very important thing.


Sean Swikle (he/him) - Environmental Studies '25

Sean Swikle

Hey everyone! My name is Sean Swikle, and I am from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, a suburb 30 minutes outside of Chicago. I am currently studying Environmental Studies with a minor in Green Building and Community Design. As of now, I hope to go into green design/energy to help make sustainable communities. In my free time, I love to ski, hike, go to concerts, and do basically anything outside! I am thrilled to be a part of SAB and would love to help with any Rubenstein or UVM questions; don’t be a stranger! :)


Amanda Youngsman (she/her) - Environmental Studies '25

Amanda Youngsman

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Youngsman, I use she/her pronouns, and I am from Framingham, Massachusetts. I am an Environmental Studies major on the pre-law track, and I am currently part of the 3+2 program with Vermont Law School. In the future, I hope to either be an environmental lawyer or do something with environmental justice. Some of my favorite activities to do outside of school are skiing, hiking, swimming, or really anything outdoors or in the water! While at school, I love participating in the Beekeeping Club, going to the farmers market, and exploring local outdoor spots. I am so excited to be a part of the Student Advisory Board again this year, and I hope to see you during peer mentoring hours! Please let me know if you ever have any questions, or just want to chat! :)


Sophie Guillemette (she/her) - Environmental Sciences '26

Sophie Guillemette

Hi there everyone! My name is Sophie Guillemette; I am from Woodbury, Connecticut. I am pursuing an education in Environmental Law and Policy, with hopes to attend Vermont Law School. I love the outdoors, and in the summer catch me on the lake paddleboarding and hopefully learning how to sail soon! I am an alpine ski instructor at Sugarbush and back home! I am happy to be a part of Rubenstein’s Student Advisory Board! Please feel free to reach out to chat about anything!