UVM Team Joins $8.5M National Effort to Bring Earth Data to Decision-Makers

Image of a brainstorming session: Two people sitting on a couch and one person standing pointing to notes on a large poster board. Ocean view in the background.

University of Vermont (UVM) researchers have joined a new $8.5M effort by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to value and communicate the benefits of earth information in decision making.

The Collaborative Network for Valuing Earth Information (CONVEI) is designed to strengthen...

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Students walking with 50th Anniversary banner

Presentation Spotlights Fifty Years of the Environment and Sustainability at UVM

The UVM Board of Trustees heard a broad-ranging presentation on May 19 showcasing the University’s teaching, learning and research accomplishments in sustainability and environmental education from key faculty and staff members and students.

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To Save the Forest, Should We Move the Trees?

It’s eight degrees Fahrenheit. Off trail, at 2,042 feet of elevation, on the side of Camel's Hump, Professor Steve Keller takes off his gloves, pulls a Dell tablet out of his backpack, unrolls a wire, and plugs it into a scrawny maple tree. Well, actually, into a tiny sensor hanging under a white plastic funnel hanging off the side of the maple.

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