Commander's Update 

Green Mountain Battalion Alumni,

I am very humbled by the opportunity to continue this program’s tradition of training and producing some of the finest junior officers in the U.S. Army. Our Cadets are easily among the most motivated, intelligent, and resilient in U.S. Army Cadet Command. It is my mission to maintain the momentum of high standards, esprit de corps, and the mentality of excellence started by all of you in the past as this program moves into the future. Since my arrival last October, there have been many positive changes as we emerge from the constraints of the pandemic, not the least of which has been a return to classroom instruction. Being able to conduct class in person not only improves the learning environment, but also enables an increased level of bonding among the Cadets and cadre alike. In addition, there are less COVID-19 related distractions and restrictions during lab. We have been able to conduct our field training in a more realistic manner and improve every training scenario as a result. As usual, the Cadets have excelled in improving their field craft, building on their tactical proficiency, and most importantly, honing their leadership skills. It has been so fulfilling for me to watch our Cadets develop beyond my expectations and prepare to lead our men and women in providing security to the American people. 

As a testament to the success of our Cadets, all 17 of the class of 2022, who have been to CST received their first branch choice. This scenario is almost unheard of in any program across the United States. Five of these recently commissioned Second Lieutenants were designated as Distinguished Military Graduates, and two of them were ranked within the top 10% in the country. We have had multiple Cadets graduate from the Army Mountain Warfare School, participate in the Vermont National Guard’s TAG match where a few cadets earned the “Governor’s Twenty” tab; participated and graduated from the Mountain Athlete Warrior course conducted in Fort Drum, NY, and many other courses and schools that further develop the Cadets into better leaders. 

I cannot be prouder of the many accomplishments our Cadets have achieved. As Alumni, the support you provide only adds to and enables continued success of this program. I want to thank each of you for your continued involvement and desire to see this program continue its track record of excellence.

Catamounts Lead the Way!

-Lieutenant Colonel Travis J. McCracken, Professor of Military Science

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President's Corner

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As your new Alumni Association President, I would like to introduce myself. I initially arrived at UVM in 2008 as an undergraduate student and contracted Cadet. After commissioning into the Army Reserve as an Adjutant General Corps officer in 2012, my husband (UVM ROTC class of 2010) and I spent five years moving around the United States working in a variety of Army and civilian capacities. Unable to get the desire for maple creemees and a hike in the Green Mountains out of our minds, we moved back to the great state of Vermont in 2016 and have been here ever since. As a current PhD Candidate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at UVM, I am often on campus and can frequently be found at 601 Main pestering Val. Now, 10 years after commissioning, I am happy to be back serving as the UVM ROTC Alumni Association President.

As things have transitioned back to the new, post-pandemic normal, I am happy to report that the Cadets have continued to excel. Our Catamounts can be seen achieving academic honors, graduating from Air Assault and Mountain Warfare school, competing (and placing) in the Vermont National Guard TAG match, racing the Army 10-miler, and exceling in the Ranger Challenge competition – just to name a few. I can speak on behalf of the entire Alumni Association when I say that we are truly proud and impressed by their outstanding accomplishments. Looking forward to this new academic year, I could not be more excited at the inevitable many and varied accomplishments our Cadets will no doubt continue to achieve over the course of the coming months.

At a time when the world is so full of uncertainty, the selfless service shown by the Cadets cannot be understated. I thank each and every one of them for their service.

Catamounts Lead the Way!

–Sarah Griffin (’12), President, UVM ROTC Alumni Association


Where Are They Now?

Jim Barr (’83), UVM cadre member (’98 - ’01). Retired from the Army in 2004. Retired UVM staff
member, 2022.

Jennifer Swift Bailey (’92), branched Aviation. Retired in 2013. Now farming in Ohio, homeschooling,
and raising her boys.

Steve Davis (’92), Active Duty, Logistics Officer with most recent duty station at Fort Bragg, NC. Retired
on February 4, 2022, after 30 years of Service. “Currently unemployed and hanging out at the pool.”

Mary Christiansen Kimbrell (’96), 4 years Active Duty now living in Huntsville, Alabama. Her husband
retired with 22 years Active Duty. She is a nurse practitioner and a mom of three.

Dirk Feather (’97), works as an instructor for a major insurance company. “Feel free to reach out. My
phone number hasn’t changed in over 20 years.”

Jeremy St. Laurent (’98), currently part of a transportation unit at Joint Base Langley-Eustis. “I’m on the
global if there is anyone out there that has career questions. If you can’t find me DM me here on FB.”

Jennifer St Pierre ('98), due to closing her business during COVID, she became a Chocolateer! She is still
an author, part time pet groomer, and an alpaca wrangler.

Robert Cormier (’00), Battalion Sergeant Major. Retired living in Franklin Vermont.

Peter Stambersky (’00), retiring 01DEC22 after three years as the Product Manager for Individual
Weapons at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ.

Michael Allard (’01), retired 31 Dec 21. “Finished out as the DCoS of 3ID.”

Joshua Broder (’01), Signal officer for 4.5 years then transitioned out. He currently runs the company,
Tilson. “We are hiring lots of Veterans.”

Matt Miclette (’10), six years active at Walter Reed/Ft Hood. Now an executive and clinical lead at a
digital health company (NeuroFlow). Provides digital mental health solutions and care to an eligible
population of 15 million. In the government sector; expanding on contracts with the VA/DoD. “We just
launched with the MFLC program for SMs and spouses at Ft Bragg/Drum last month.” Also co-found and
run a VSO (Action Tank), 2016 Tillman Scholar, and 2022 George W Bush VLP Scholar.

Bradley Patnaude (’11-Champlain College), currently works for the Vermont National Guard Brigade S1.

Kristy Coty (’12-SUNY Plattsburgh), currently on ADOS tour with 412th TEC in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Jessica A Kent (’12-Saint Michael’s College), currently the S3 of the 186 BSB in the VT National Guard.

Ryan O'Leary (’14),  Active Duty Emergency Room nurse, Commander of A Co, 232d Med Battalion.
Currently in AIT for combat medics.

Jonathan Kascenska (’15), currently Battalion S4 out at FT Bliss. “Living the desert life.”

Steven Rohrig (’15-SUNY Plattsburgh) currently flying MEDEVAC out of Fort Campbell, KY.

Chris Devito (’16-SUNY-Plattsburgh), Engineer Officer. Currently on second tour in the Balkans in
support of NATO mission here. Serve as assistant operations officer for US/multi-national Infantry
battalion. Police officer back home in the Green Mountain State.

Colin Montgomery (’16), Transitioned out of the Army in 2020. Completed nursing school and is
currently working at UVM Medical Center, SICU.

Heidi (Peterson) Reynolds (’16), transitioned out of the Army in 2021. She had her son, Levi, and is
currently working as a Telehealth triage for SCP Health.

Laura Sibony (’16), Army Reservist/ ICU nurse currently on a Forward Resuscitative Surgical Team.
Started CRNA course in March 2022.

Kaelyn Burbey (’17), Engineer Officer for 4.5yrs; transitioned out Dec21. Currently an Environmental
Engineer at John Deere.

Dylan MacDonough (’17), transitioned out in November 2021. Currently living near Austin, Texas and
working in Tech Sales/Recruiting. Happy to help anyone looking for a job post Army.

Leo McCarthy (’17), ICU travel nurse/reservist and XO of the 328th Field Hospital out of Salt Lake City,

Alyssa Valdez (’17), MP officer stationed at West Point and currently doing an internship with CID.

Kyle Walsh (’17),  Aviation, Active Duty, AS3 at HAAF. AV CCC September 2022 followed by 1-228
Aviation Regiment, TF Bravo in Honduras.

Liam Brown (’18), completed Chem CCC spring 2022 and moved to Fort Drum, New York. Currently
working in the sustainment brigade ops shop.

Sammy Cunningham-Darrah (’18), Active Duty Emergency Room nurse at BAMC in San Antonio, TX.

Lance Jandreau (’18-Saint Michael’s College),  Army National Guard medical provider deployment
manager at the National Guard Bureau. Master’s Degree in Social Work in progress.

Eric Mattia (’18), Engineer officer at Fort Hood with 20th EN BN, 36th EN BDE. Currently transitioning
out and started at Northeastern, Fall of 2022.

Aaron Leonard (’19-Champlain College), Vermont NG Lakota pilot at the Burlington AASF; Vermont State
Police trooper.

Nick A. Lozinak (’19) branched Transportation Corps. Currently the S4 of a Transportation Battalion at
Fort Hood and headed to career course this winter.

Madison Slater (’19), Armor branch, Battalion Maintenance Officer at Fort Bliss. Transitioning out 2023.

Robert Bognar (’20), Infantry Officer serving as a Mortar PL in NJ Army Guard. Working as a teacher at
my old high school in JROTC.

Tim Faulkner (’20), Armor branch, tank platoon leader at 1st AD in Fort Bliss, Texas.

Hunter Graham (’20, Middlebury College), MEDO in 1st CAV at Fort Hood, Texas.

Joshua Sickles (’20), Quartermaster Officer, VTARNG. Logistics Planner for Death Wish Coffee Company.

Daniel Borbély (’21), UVM cadre member (’22-present), A Co 3/172, Vermont National Guard.

Thomas Sheboy (’21), Transportation PL in the Pennsylvania National Guard. Going to NTC soon.
Software developer in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Recent Alumni Achievements

Mr. Tim Goddette, (’82), was selected as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, Acquisition Policy
and Logistics, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army, Army Pentagon, Washington, DC.

COLs Jeremy St. Laurent (’98) and Keyes Metcalf, USA SF (‘98) were pinned for promotion to O6 in the
summer of 2020.

Nate Lumsden (’18-Castleton State College), Utah National Guard, Commander of the 8th Homeland
Response Force - Search and Extraction Team in Utah, received the 2020 Theodore Roosevelt Leadership
Award. CPT Lumsden also placed 1 st in the 2020 Battalion Best Warrior Competition. He recently moved
back home to Vermont and is working in management at Westrock Paper Mill in Sheldon VT.


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