3 Categories of Radioactive Waste:

  1. Long lived (>90 day half-life) -- for burial in South Carolina
  2. Short lived (<90 day half-life) -- for decay on campus
  3. Low level (radionuclides in liquid scintillation fluid) -- for incineration in Florida

The cost of disposal depends on volume and category of waste:

  • save money by reducing the volume of waste
  • use radionuclides with a half-life less than 90 days.

Waste stored for decay must:

  • have a half life less than 90 days
  • be stored for at least 10 half-lives (maybe longer)
  • be monitored for any radiation before being brought to the RSO for disposal
  • have log sheets and records sent to RSO after disposal

Non-disposable low level radioactive waste:

  • H-3/C-14 in a concentration > 0.05 uCi/ml
  • Be-7, Fe-55, Co-60, Ni-63, Nb-95 in any concentration

Store solid waste in yellow 5, 20, and/or 32 gallon containers or specially designed plexiglass shielded boxes:

  • Yellow waste containers provided by the Radiation Safety Office.

Store liquid waste in glass or plastic containers away from traffic and in an area that could contain a spill in the event that the container leaked:

  • short-lived liquid waste can be stored in 5 gallon white plastic containers provided by the RSO
  • long-lived liquid waste should be stored in 1 gallon size plastic containers.

Transportation of radioactive waste:

  • All radioactive waste is picked up by the Radiation Safety Office

The Radioactive Waste Manifest:

  • top section for short lived waste solid and long lived dry, and animals
  • bottom section for bulk liquid and/or liquid scintillation vials

Appointments for radioactive waste disposal:

  • Fridays only - (other days by special arrangements)
  • every half-hour (8:00 am - 12:00, 1:00 pm 4:00 pm)
  • call ext. 62570 to make an appointment
  • a Radioactive Waste Manifest (PDF) may be filled by the lab or the RSO will complete this for each waste pickup.