Each year the Radiation Safety Office is required to send to each person that received a whole body or ring badge an annual report of their exposure.  Landauer is the company that provides the whole body and ring badge to UVM radiation users.  The report prepared by Landauer, Occupational Exposure Record For A Monitoring Period, is sometimes difficult to understand.  Below is a table listing the definitions of the various terms you will see on your annual exposure report and the corresponding NRC and UVM ALARA annual limits.

Definitions of corresponding NRC and UVM ALARA annual limits
Dose Type from Annual Report
(Landauer number)
Definition of Dose Type NRC Annual Limit UVM ALARA Annual Limit
Deep Dose Equivalent, DDE
External whole body exposure at tissue deep of 1 cm. (Whole body badge) 5 rem 0.5 rem
Eye Dose Equivalent to Lens of Eye, LDE:
External exposure to the lens of the eye at a depth of 0.3 cm. (Whole body badge) 15 rem 1.5 rem
Shallow Dose Equivalent, Whole Body, SDE,WB
External exposure to the whole body at a tissue depth of .007 cm averaged over 1 cm2. (Whole body badge) 50 rem 5 rem
Shallow Dose Equivalent, Max Extremity, SDE, ME
External exposure to an extremity averaged over 1 cm2 (Ring badge) 50 rem 5 rem
Committed Effective Dose Equivalent, CEDE
Sum of the products of the weighing factors applicable to each of the body organs or tissue that are irradiated and the committed dose equivalent to these organs or tissue. (Internal uptake- bioassay) 5 rem 0.5 rem
Committed Dose Equivalent, CDE
Dose equivalent to organ or tissue that will be received from an intake of radioactive material by an individual during a 50 year period following the intake. (Internal uptake - Bioassay) 50 rem 5 rem
Total Effective Dose Equivalent, TEDE
DDE + CEDE 5 rem 0.5 rem
Total Organ Dose Equivalent, Max Organ, TODE
DDE + CDE 50 rem 5 rem