Surveys for radiation contamination must be made by the radiation handler after each experimental run OR at the end of the day in which radiation was handled in order to determine the extent of radiation contamination and to determine that all waste and stock material have been properly stored.

The RSO recommends that each contamination survey be documented and the records sent to the RSO. The minimum requirement is that at least one weekly written report must be sent to the RSO for each radiation handling laboratory during periods of active use and a monthly report must be sent for each cold room, counting room, or storage room.

Conduct a weekly contamination survey (form), during periods of active use, in all laboratories used to handle unsealed radioactive materials , and send (or FAX (656-8876) the reports weekly to the RSO.

No Use Radiation Survey Form: If you do not use any radioactive materials in any particular week, send a weekly "inactive" (= no manipulation of radioactive materials) report. If the period of inactivity extends more than 3 consecutive weeks, conduct an area survey and/or wipe test for the 4th week. If you would like to use a web-based form to send a weekly inactive report, use this link.

How Many Survey Are Required?

52 weekly contamination survey reports are expected each year for each radiation handling laboratory.

12 monthly surveys are expected each year for rooms used only to count radioactivity, and those which are used to store radioactivity such as cold rooms and freezers.

If contamination is found, clean it up and resurvey. Send a report to the RSO. Call the RSO if you need any assistance with clean up.

You can only use survey meters with valid calibration dates. Use this link for more information regarding calibrations.

Before using any portable radiation survey meters to check for contamination, you must;

  1. use a radioactive check source to ensure that the detector is responsive,
  2. check the battery level
  3. check the background radiation count.

If more than one laboratory group utilizes the same space, we recommend that each group conduct their own wipe tests and send the reports to the RSO.