"UVM In" programs are UVM’s signature study abroad programs. These programs have been identified and developed because the academic match of the institution abroad allows students from many of UVM’s academic disciplines to participate. Students will participate as a cohort of UVM students and stay connected with UVM through a required online course designed to allow students to engage with their host community and reflect on their semester abroad.

The cost structure of “UVM in…” makes these programs affordable and accessible for a range of students. Students participate in additional pre-departure meetings and activities throughout the semester prior to departure, specifically for their location and program. There is no UVM staff on the ground in the host destination, but students are able to access the support offices of the host university while abroad. By participating in a program that accommodates groups of UVM students, there are also ample opportunities to find fellow study abroad participants to connect with while exploring the new community, and students can participate in activities hosted by the host university and community to find additional local connections.


"UVM in" Programs currently offered

UVM in Auckland - in Auckland, New Zealand, at Auckland University of Technology

UVM in Galway - in Galway, Ireland, at the University of Galway

UVM in Required Course - "Connecting Across Cultures"

GRS 1990 - “Connecting Across Cultures” provides a foundation and framework for deep reflection on the experience of cross-cultural encounter and the responsibilities and opportunities of life in a globally-connected world. Our work will be organized thematically around a series of key questions relating to the above topics, drawing both from course materials available on BlackBoard and from on-site activities, and with abundant opportunity for reflection and dialogue on how these issues intersect with students’ own experience of living and studying abroad. Centered around active discussion (online and via Teams), the course introduces an array of ideas and tools students can use both to deepen the personal impact of their semester abroad and to stimulate thinking about our individual roles as members of a diverse and interconnected world community.



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