International travel-study courses are a joint venture between you (the lead faculty member), the academic department/dean’s office sponsoring the course and the Office of International Education (for courses outside the U.S.). Roles are as follows:

Lead faculty

Creating, planning and executing a travel-study course is a labor of love. There are many tasks for which you as a lead faculty member agree to take responsibility that typically are not required of a faculty member who teaches a class on-campus. Beyond traditional course requirements, some of these tasks include the following:

  • Create a daily itinerary of activities which supplement the syllabus and support the course’s academic and cross-cultural learning objectives;
  • Liaise with a full-service vendor for identifying in-country/on-location vendors for lodging, transportation, and food (among other items), including determining that they meet institutional liability and related insurance requirements. NOTE: UVM is engaged in a Request for Proposals currently to identify approved vendors. Alternatively, you will serve as the "vendor manager," where you will be responsible for identifying all in-country vendors for services, and educating vendors on U.S. documents needed (such as proof of insurance, contracts, invoices and tax documents), and then collecting those documents as required for facilitating UVM payment and tax compliance.
  • Develop a program fee budget which encompasses in-country student and faculty costs, and (upon Dean’s Office approval), managing payments out of that budget;
  • Set student behavioral expectations, apprising students of health and safety risks, and responding to health and safety incidents that occur on site;
  • Complete the GoAbroad proposal or renewal processes
  • Attend a workshop on health, safety and risk management
  • Advertise the course, recruit and select students
  • Complete GoAbroad travel registration (pre-departure and in-country checklists for health and safety)

Sponsoring academic department/dean's office

  • Determines appropriate number of travel-study courses to be offered by the unit annually, and which courses may or may not proceed with proposals.
  • Approves syllabus
  • Hires lead faculty and co-faculty/TA
    • characteristics of a good co-instructor or teaching assistant:
      • experience working with college students, particularly in a residential setting
      • experience in the destination location
      • proficiency in the host destination language
      • health & safety training, and crisis management experience
      • sound judgement and decision-making skills
      • health insurance that covers them while overseas
      • passport valid for 6+months beyond return to US
  • Determines minimum course enrollment for financial break-even (tuition budget)
  • Approves program fee budget (chair and dean's office business manager/assistant dean)
  • Requests course detail code
  • Builds course in Banner, attaching approved program fee, less the deposit amount
  • Includes program fee in Banner course description
  • Assists (unit dependent) with course marketing
  • Determines course "Go/No Go" final decision based on student deposits
  • Apprises Office of International Education of any potential concerns related to health and safety
  • Approves travel authorization and cash advance requests
  • Meets (in conjunction with OIE) with faculty pre-departure to review budget status
  • Upon course return, reviews faculty expense log and receipts and reconciles final program fee budget.

Office of International Education


  • Coordinates the components of the proposal/renewal process
  • Tracks student inquiries and deposits
  • Maintains GoAbroad portal for program electronic "brochure"
  • Provides guidance for the development of program fee budgets based on best practices
  • Facilitates review and approval of vendor contracts and related insurance requirements
  • Initiates vendor payments and processes expenses at the direction of the lead faculty
  • Coordinates International Travel Advisory Group which reviews and approves proposed courses as it relates to student health and safety
  • Facilitates faculty workshops on student health and safety and risk management 
  • Serves as campus coordinator with faculty when student health/safety issues arise pre-departure and/or abroad
  • Invites faculty to participate in study abroad fair for program visibility/recruitment

Co-faculty leader and/or teaching assistant

  • Attend a workshop on health, safety and risk management
  • Complete GoAbroad travel registration (pre-departure and in-country checklists for health and safety responsibilities)

Professional and Continuing Education

  • On behalf of academic units, completes the administrative paperwork to hire lead faculty and co-faculty/TA for summer courses (just as for any other summer course)