TN-1 status is available for Canadian and Mexican citizens in research and teaching positions. Other occupations specified in the NAFTA Treaty for which the employee has the required minimum qualifications may also qualify for this status. 

Immigration Request Process

For a Canadian citizen (who does not need a visa), submit the following documents electronically to

  1. Employee name
  2. Departmental job offer letter (including specific start date)
  3. Position description (including requirements for the position)
  4. Salary information, if not included in the offer letter

For a Mexican citizen, submit a request in iStart as we may need to file a TN petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services depending upon whether they are already in the U.S. or not.

Processing and Timeline FAQs

How far in advance should the department request TN status?

For Canadian citizens (who do not require a visa): Departments should request TN status 1 month prior to expected start date.
For Mexican citizens (who require a visa): Departments should submit an iStart request as far advance as possible (ideally 6 months), but no fewer than 3 months.

What costs are involved in sponsoring an employee for TN status?

For Canadian citizens (who do not require a visa): There are no costs for a TN visa to the hiring department.
For Mexican citizens: Depending upon the situation, there may be no cost to the hiring department or costs equivalent to H-1B filings.   

Is there a special process for setting up a new foreign national employee with Human Resources?

Foreign national employees should be set up with Human Resources as any other university hire.  Please see this explanation of the UVM Human Resources Process for additional information.

Post-Approval Next Steps

New UVM Employees: Getting Approval

For Canadian citizens, upon creating the TN letter, the OIE will send it by UPS Express to the employee.  He/she can anticipate receiving it within 3-5 business days.  

Returning UVM Employees: Updating the I-9

Employees who recently were working at UVM in TN status, and are returning to UVM to work another semester/academic year, simply need to make an appointment with the OIE to update or complete a new I-9.


Still have questions?  Contact us at or 802-656-4296.