Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

It is our hope that your student will keep you informed at every step of the study abroad process. If you are unsure of where your student is in the process, or what tasks they need to complete, please consult with your student before contacting us, since we are limited in the types of information we can share with parents due to federal education privacy laws.


The study abroad process will ideally start around one year before your student intends to start their program, however, it is always best for your student to speak with their academic advisor earlier rather than later. The following steps in the study abroad process are mandatory for most students studying abroad on approved programs, unless otherwise noted.


9-12 Months Before Studying Abroad

  • Apply for a passport, or renew it if it will expire within 6-12 months of your study abroad experience
  • Attend a Study Abroad 101 session or review the Getting Started page
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor
  • Research study abroad programs using GoAbroad's search function
  • Meet with a Regional Study Abroad Advisor
  • Fully explore financial considerations for your study abroad experience
  • Start your GoAbroad account by clicking "Apply Now" on the program of your choice in GoAbroad

​5-8 Months Before Studying Abroad

  • Apply to study abroad program (must apply by the UVM application deadline)
  • Complete GoAbroad pre-acceptance phase
  • Receive an acceptance decision
  • Verify your health insurance covers you while abroad
  • Make an appointment for health consultations and any required immunizations


After Acceptance into a Study Abroad Program

  • Confirm your participation in your study abroad program and fulfill the program/university’s enrollment requirements
  • Finalize your UVM budget sheet (if required)
  • Apply for your visa to study in your host country (if required)
  • Attend UVM Pre-departure Orientation and read the Pre-Departure Guidebook
  • Complete GoAbroad's post-acceptance phase by April 30/November 30 in the semester before you study abroad
  • Pack with intention, taking entry documents, emergency contact info, etc.