Occasionally scholars who are on a J-1 program at another institution are engaged at UVM for a lecture or short-term consultation.

Invitation Process

Before a scholar arrives, the department should provide an invitation letter that includes the following information:

  • The terms and conditions of the offer
  • The duration of the visit
  • Time commitment for the lecture or consultation
  • Amount of compensation
  • A description of the content of the visit

The scholar should then take the department’s invitation letter to his or her sponsor to receive approval for incidental employment before engaging in any activities at UVM.

Payment Process

UVM Tax Services provides guidance in hiring foreign nationals/non-resident aliens as independent contractors or honorarium recipients. Generally speaking, J-1 visa holders from other institutions will need a permission letter from their J-1 Responsible Officer or Alternate Responsible Officer authorizing the short-term lecture/consultation in addition to a valid DS-2019 and Form I-94, in addition to a host of additional documents required by UVM. For further information, contact UVM Tax Services.