Career Mobility Committee

The Career Mobility Committee is a monthly forum for graduate students and post-docs to engage with invited speakers to learn and explore different career opportunities after graduating with their doctoral degree. The forum is intended to run throughout the year, and is scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month of the academic year excluding December, January and May. Speakers are invited from industry, government, or nonprofit organizations to discuss their workplace experiences and share their personal stories of how they landed their current position with a doctoral degree in biology/biomedical science. As the format is interactive, young professionals are highly encouraged to attend the forum and actively participate in the discussion.

Career Mobility Planning Committee:

Wyatt Chia
Jonathon Ferrell
Trevor Wolf
Selina Yao



2019-2020 Career Mobility Schedule:

Date, Location, Time Speaker
September 11
HSRF 400, 12:00-1:00pm
Bridge Hunter, PhD
Principal Scientist, Sanofi
November 12
HSRF 400, 12:00-1:00pm
Brian Foley, PhD
Research Scientist viral epidemiology, Los Alamos National Laboratory
March 9
Mansfield Dining Room, Davis Center
"Building your network"
Melissa Landon, PhD, Senior Project Engineer at Golder
"Getting to the in-person interview"
Spencer Fenn, PhD, Senior Scientific Recruiter, Recruitomics
"Successful interviewing for scientists"
Mara Neufeld Rivera, MSHRM, Vice President, Head of People &
Culture at Chroma Technology Corp., Chief Human Resources Officer
and Founder at Mara Rae Consulting