The Vermont Continence Project provides three types of services: consultations, learning and discussion groups, and online resources.

Capacity-Building for Professionals

The Vermont Continence Project works with professionals across disciplines (medical, educational, allied health, mental health) to help them build their knowledge and skills in supporting child and youth continence.

We offer:

  • Expert consultation:

    This is one or two meetings for professionals to meet with our staff, who will answer specific questions, or request targeted resources. We ask that professionals do not identify the client/patient/student. Please note that our staff cannot meet with the family or caregivers.
  • Customized workshops and trainings:

    We will work with your medical office or organization to create custom trainings or workshops to address common continence concerns. Past workshop topics have included Better Toilet Training: Getting Started and Overcoming Challenges, How To Communicate for Toilet Training, and How to Use Rewards for Toilet Training. Many of our trainings are available as recorded videos.

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Consultation & Teaching for Parents, Caregivers, and Teams

The Vermont Continence Project offers interdisciplinary support to help you understand and make a plan for your child. We do this in two ways:

1. Parent & Caregiver Online Learning Group:

Based on the content in our six-unit video series, these online groups are designed to teach about the health and behavioral issues affecting continence, and the skills to move past them. Groups consist of 10 parents or fewer, and run for six weeks. Each week, we'll meet for 75 minutes via Zoom., and participants also have the option to connect via online discussion forums.

2. Individual consultation:

We provide individual consultation for referrals with highly complex or specialized needs related to continence. Our consultations always begin with a health intake lead by our nurse consultant. After that, we make a plan with your local team members to meet your continence and toileting goals.

Eligibility criteria for Individual Team Consultation:

The referred person has a medical diagnosis in one or more of the following categories:

  • has a disorder of kidney function/kidney disease
  • has a complex gastrointestinal profile (Hirschsprung Disease, anorectal malformation, ostomy)
  • Is tube-fed
  • has a neurologic diagnosis (cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, etc)
  • has a genetic or metabolic diagnosis with significant functional or medical impact


The referred person has had a comprehensive medical evaluation related to their incontinence, and has one or more of the following developmental/functional concerns:

  • Does not use language, or uses minimal verbal language
  • Has a mobility impairment that affects getting to the bathroom or accessing the toilet
  • has a vision or hearing impairment
  • Other significantly specialized learning or access needs

Please note: We do not work directly with the referred person, only with the adults supporting them.

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Online Resource Library

The Vermont Continence Project maintains a growing library of resources for parents, caregivers, professionals, and for toilet-learners themselves.

These resources include how-to articles, summaries of useful research, event listings, worksheets, and video learning modules for toilet learners and their families.

Feel free to browse the library, or sign up to be notified as new resources become available.

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