How do I provide support to English language learners?
English Language Learning support: The Center for Academic Success and the Writing Center offers tutoring to help English language learners with specific courses, study skills, and writing, reading, and speaking in English. For more information, call (802) 656-4075 or email

Where do I refer a student who has a disability or suspects they have a disability?
Student Accessibility Services (SAS) works with students to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations for all students with a documented disability. More information on the SAS program can be found on their website. Additionally, feel free to call (802) 656-7753, email, or stop by Living/Learning A-170.

Where do students go for support to write a paper, lab report, project, presentation, or application?
Writing support is offered through the Writing Center. Experienced writing tutors from a variety of majors work with students at any stage of the writing process, from understanding assignments to final editing. For an appointment, call (802) 656-7963, schedule online, or visit 105 Bailey/Howe Library (on the right just past the main stairs).

Where can students find tutoring when they do not understand their course content?
Tutoring in the Center for Academic Success' Tutoring Center offers peer-based tutoring in your course in one-on-one and small group sessions. For an appointment, call (802) 656-4075, email, or visit us at 244 Living Learning Commons. Students may also use our online scheduling system.

Additionally, department resources exist to support students in their course work. Find out more about what the Chemistry, Math, and Biology department offer:

Computer Science Crew
Math Tutoring
Physics Tutoring
Writing Center

How can students learn to manage their time and create study systems?
The Tutoring Center's Study Skills tutoring offers support through peer-based tutoring on creating a more efficient study system. For an appointment, call (802) 656-4075, email, or visit us at 244 Living Learning Commons. Students may also use our online scheduling system.

Where does a student go for support if they are feeling overwhelmed?
Study skills tutoring is a great program for students who are feeling overwhelmed with their workload, managing their time, or creating an efficient study system. Additionally, Counseling and Psychiatry Services (CAPS) provides free counseling, assessments, consultation, and referrals for students. For more information, visit their website.

How do I refer a student to their advisor?
An advisor is assigned to a student based on their major. If they have not declared a major, an advisor is assigned from the department within their college/school. Please visit this page to find out more about UVM's advising system.

How can I refer an excellent student who is looking for additional experiences to become a tutor?

Subject Area Tutors
Students from across all disciplines can become subject area tutors in the Tutoring Center. Certain subjects receive more demand than others, but our tutors work with more than 200 distinct courses. To recommend a student for the subject area tutor position, any faculty member can complete our recommendation form.

Writing Tutors
The Writing Center employs over fifty peer-tutors from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Writing tutors can provide assistance with understanding assignments, organization, developing ideas, strengthening arguments, revising drafts, general feedback, and essentially anything else related to the process of writing. More information about the Writing Center including how to recommend a student can be found here.